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PARR Lumber Company is committed to buying only from those suppliers who are, in turn, committed to well managed forests, which are harvested in a manner that insures the long-term health of the forests. We support companies who seek ways to sustain the forest ecosystem for future generations. We require our suppliers to adhere to “Best Management Practices” which sets forth recommended practices for harvesting trees, conserving the soil, maintaining air and water quality, and maintaining wildlife.

Our commitment to a healthy environment means a healthy future for all.

PARR Lumber Co. has been certified by Scientific Certification System (SCS) under registration code SCS-COC-0025700. Wood products certified by SCS are recognized as coming from well-managed forests, adhering to strict environmental and socioeconomic standards in accordance with the principles and criteria of the FSC.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes the responsible management of the world's working forests through the development of standards, a certification system, and trademark recognition.

In 1994, FSC's members approved an international set of principles and criteria. Under the FSC system, the principles and criteria provide the foundation for responsible forestry. As of April 2008, there are over 271 million acres of FSC-certified forests globally; 26.1 million acres of FSC-certified forests in the United States; 10,119 Chain-of-Custody certificates issued globally; and 2,237 Chain-of-Custody certificates issued in the United States.